10 Signs Your Loved One Needs Elderly Home Care in Bellevue

For many, deciding when or if your loved one needs older home care is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make. Odds are, the senior citizen in your care is not likely to ask to go to a facility or find in-home senior care. Most seniors would say that if given a choice, they would want to remain home. Perhaps your other family members are arguing about what is the best strategy for your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa. Occasionally having others around to help make the choice is beneficial, but when family members don’t agree, it only adds stress to an already stressful situation. The most important point to think about is where the senior citizen resides regarding their caregivers. Needless to say, if the older adult lives with or near a relative who can provide daily guidance, then the elderly person might have the ability to stay at home longer. Yes, there are numerous aspects to take into account prior to moving your loved one to an elderly care home in Bellevue. How do you know when it is time?

1.Not Able to Perform Activities of Daily Living

Can the senior in your care dress herself or himself? If not, are you able and willing to help with this task daily? If not, is there somebody who will always be by the side of the senior citizen in the home to help with these crucial functions? Is the senior in your care able to prepare and eat meals that are simple without help? If not, is there someone to assist with this task? Can your loved one shower individually? If not, can you safely help out with the cleaning of your loved one? If the senior in your care is not able to complete these everyday tasks independently, and if you or others aren’t able to fulfill these needs, it could be time for your loved one to get elderly home Bellevue care.

2.Mobility Becomes a Problem

Can they move from the bed to a chair unassisted? Can they make the walk from the seat to the toilet? If they cannot move throughout the home independently, and there’s no one there who can help them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it could be time for you to check into local centers.

3.Not Eating Well

The daily process of buying, preparing, and eating meals often becomes too tricky for people as they age. Occasionally their sense of smell and taste decreases, and this could make them eat or drink unsafe food. This wonderful program helps seniors remain independent as long as possible by eliminating cooking out of their daily tasks. Even though the program provides one great meal to the senior daily, this might be enough calories to supply your loved one with sufficient energy so that he or she only needs to eat a light evening meal. If your loved one is experiencing unexplained weight loss, this might be an indication he or she isn’t eating enough daily. This might be an indication it is time to transition into an in-home caregiver where food can be tracked.

4.Daily Doctor or Medical Appointments Boost

Since the senior citizens’ health decreases, their requirement for specialists and physicians increases. Perhaps your parents should find a physical or occupational therapist, a healthcare specialist, and a medical doctor once weekly. Perhaps your parents need daily dialysis or chemotherapy.

5.Begins to React to Care Aggressively

Occasionally a senior citizens’ body stays healthy, but their heads may deteriorate. If your loved one suffers from dementia, their personalities may change, and a mild-mannered person may become aggressive. This aggression may manifest into destructive behavior. When this occurs, for the security of you and your loved one, it could be time for in-home senior attention.


Perhaps you’ve taken the car keys off or handicapped your loved one’s automobile. Regardless, there’s not much you can do to keep your loved one from walking out the door and drifting away. Maybe your loved one can step outside the door planning upon returning and get locked out unintentionally. If this happens during extreme temperatures, the results might be horrible.

7.You Can’t Maintain Caring for Your Loved One

If you cannot physically keep up with the demands of caring for your loved ones, it could be time to seek out an older in-home care provider. How can your back healthy? Are you able to lift and move your loved one? Caring for someone who cannot proceed is physically demanding, and not everybody has the power to do those tasks. Employees at care centers have the equipment and training to assist them to carry out these tasks.

8.Inability to Take Medication

If the senior citizen isn’t able to take the essential medication correctly, it could be time for you to find professional senior home care. Even though you might help your parents fill their weekly capsule, your mom or dad still might forget to take the pills. Despite the fact that the pill containers are marked with the day, occasionally seniors might forget what day it is and require more medication than what’s safe for their own bodies. If that is true, it could be time for the loved one to get elderly home care in Bellevue.

9.They Tell You It’s Time for Elderly Home Care Bellevue

If your loved one asks to visit a facility or find an in-home caregiver, then listen to them. While the majority of the time senior citizens do not need to leave home, sometimes they realize they aren’t able to live independently safely. If your loved one is social, maybe they need to be around others their own age. Maybe they’ll look forward to the interactions that a maintenance center or in-home caregiver will provide.

10.Your Health is Deteriorating

If you are not able to satisfy your obligations or maintain your wellbeing, it might be time to hire a senior caregiver.  Sometimes family members are torn between providing help for their parents while still being a parent.  Both relationships are significant.  Perhaps spending some time with one leaves you feeling guilty that you aren’t spending quality time with another.  We have other responsibilities besides caring for our loved ones.  The majority of us have to work to support ourselves financially.  If you are not able to satisfy your financial obligations, it could be time to call a respectable senior care agency.

Is it Time to Consider Elderly Home Care in Bellevue?

No matter your decision, you might doubt whether you made the ideal option.  Instead of spending some time feeling guilty and second-guessing yourself, try to have as many positive interactions with your loved one as possible.  Time is precious.  If you have made the decision to discover an elderly home care provider, consider The Home Care Company.  We provide comprehensive senior care in Bellevue, WA. We also just added a new service called Senior Living Options where we can help you find appropriate senior home facilities in your area. Receive a free quote now.